Monday, November 3, 2008

One More Day

With only one more day until the Presidential Election, here is what we're looking at:

1) Barack Obama's grandmother passed away due to cancer this morning. The McCain campaign has offered their condolences.

2) Chuck Todd gives his Election Eve synopsis. Could he be the next Tim Russert? Yesterday he was considered a dark horse, today he's at the top of the list.

3) Pundits on "Morning Joe" discuss the growing success of the Democratic Party - particularly the success of the Obama campaign - and the uniqueness of this election.

4) Although we can no longer find a specific post for it, reports that 40% of Florida's total population has already voted!

5) 14 Pundits contribute predictions to this year's Washington Post Crystal Ball Contest.

6) Finally, those of us who are Democrats and Irish-Americans will certainly appreciate this video from the homeland.

One last thing, make sure you know where to vote. Of course, it is likely that 100% of this blog's readers know exactly where to vote, and at least half of them probably voted early. But just in case, visit

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