Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keeping the Public Engaged

Now that the Presidential campaign has been over for four days, many major players are taking time to relax. Senator John McCain told an aide "I got nine racks of ribs, and I will be cooking them up," and President-Elect Barack Obama started wearing his weekend clothing.

The Press, however, seems to be having more difficulty accepting an end to the race. After all, they have known nothing but following the Presidential campaign for the past two years.

For reporters, the hardest part about the race being over was the end of reporting on Governor Sarah Palin. Lucky for the ones at Newsweek, former McCain campaign aides were all too happy to dish out the darkest secrets now that their candidates lost. Fox News quickly picked up the story.

Others, such as Politico, decided to devote a special webpage to reporting on the days between the Election and Inauguration.

Even the Obama staff has responded to the decrease in Obama-related internet traffic by introducing, the official website of the Office of the President-Elect. Were you unaware that there was an official office of the President-Elect too?

Of course, if and when the media stops reporting on electoral politics, what will you be looking at then? Better yet, what will we be looking at?

(HINT: You'll have to keep coming back to find out)

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