Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everything's Bigger in Texas - Even Irony - By Kelly Fero, Democratic Strategist, Austin, TX

Forty-four years ago, a Democrat from Texas signed the most far-reaching legislation in history to secure African Americans the vote, then famously remarked that he had just cost his political party the South for at least a generation.

Last night, America voted for an African-American to be their next President — and his stunning victory came, to a large degree, courtesy of a Republican from Texas.

If Lyndon Johnson and his fellow Texans were the improbable champions of civil rights, having grown up in the segregated South, George W. Bush and his Lone Star State ideologues were supposed to be the compassionate conservatives. Yet, Bush’s failed presidency ushered in the national hunger for change that propelled the first African American into the Oval Office.

They say everything is bigger in Texas — even irony, it would appear.

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