Friday, October 31, 2008

Actual Racists for Obama

Early last week, we posted an article from titled "Racists for Obama" for our discussion on the Bradley Effect and the shifting lines of prejudice. However, the Bradley Effect hardly compares to what we have found today. reported yesterday that there are many White Supremacists that are supporting Barack Obama for President. While he notes that it is hardly a scientific poll of the community, author David Peisner includes statements from the different racists.

"I don't hate black people. I just think it's in the best interest of the races to be separated as much as possible. See, I'm a leftist. I'm not a rightist. I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person" said Tom Metzger, former KKK Grand Dragon and a 1980 Democratic congressional candidate.

Erich Gliebe, Chairman of the National Alliance, told Esquire "Obama might be a better candidate for our cause because he's racially conscious… Young whites in universities, they've been stripped of any kind of racial identity. Obama may be a racist in a positive sense for his people… They'll see that non-white Americans are allowed to be proud of who they are, to be racially conscious, to talk about their people or their community without being attacked as being racist… I don't think McCain even acknowledges that a white race exists. He's all about granting amnesty to illegal aliens."

Rocky Suhayda, Chairman of the American Nazi Party says "we have a black man, who loves his own kind, belongs to a Black-Nationalist religion, is married to a black women -- when usually negroes who have 'made it' immediately land a white spouse as a kind of prize - that's the kind of negro that I can respect. Any time that a prominent person embraces their racial heritage in a positive manner, it's good for all racially minded folks."

In fact, many Klansmen and other white "racially minded" individuals have shifted ideology in recent years to supporting segregation instead of outright hatred of non-whites. But there are still some White Supremacists that disagree.

"Obama, I think he's a piece of sh**" said Ron Edwards, Imperial Wizard of the Imperial Klans of America. "I don't care that his mother was white…I'm going Republican and I talked to my guys and most of them are voting for McCain too."

On the other side of the spectrum, Esquire interviewed a Black Nationalist supporting McCain.

"Finding out Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president was one of the saddest days in black history. Another legacy of black death is about to begin, just like it began back in the '60s with probably the greatest traitor to black people in modern-day history, Martin Luther King. .. he's not even a black man in the terms of what real black people consider a black man. He's of African and white descent. How easily he dismissed his affiliation with Reverend Wright, was a clear indication that this is a politician, not a man of any real conviction. The same way he threw away that Reverend, once he becomes president, he must throw away black people" said Yahanna, General of the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, a black supremacist group that believes those of African decent are part of the lost tribes of Israel.

This goes to show that politics is not nearly as complex and surprising as extreme racists.

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