Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palin in 2012

Palin has indeed been breaking free of the McCain campaign in recent days. She probably has her doubts as to the success of her ticket this year, and her taste of the national level has probably given her ambition for this stage in the future. That being said – it is unclear whether or not the GOP will take her again.

For starters, she has turned-off the “intellectual” Republicans of the national media. Commentators such as Christopher Buckley, Thomas Friedman, and even Peggy Noonan have decided that her lack of intellect has been a drag on the party and been a major factor towards the anticipated McCain defeat. More important – however – they would not trust her as a future President.

Of course the conservative and populist GOP base adorns her. But will they four years from now? Just as John Edwards – popular among populist Democrats – had difficulty four years after his veep candidacy, Palin will face an uphill battle in 2012. The most important reason will be that they will not see her as electable.

A much more suitable candidate would be Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. Not only is he popular in the Midwest, he agrees with the base on almost all of the conservative issues. While he is not as well known as Palin will be, he will offer a better chance against a President Obama. Other viable options would be Bobby Jindal of Louisiana or Charlie Crist of Florida. Either way, a governor would be the GOP’s best option because of a lack of popularity among Republican Senators.

We would not put our money on a Palin nomination in 2012, although it is certainly conceivable that it is her goal at this point in 2008.

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