Thursday, October 30, 2008

Early Voting Troubles?

There has never been such a large push for early voting, as there has been this year—especially by the Obama campaign. And it has undeniably helped his chance to win next Tuesday.

And voting early has never hurt anybody, right? Well apparently in Florida last week an old lady felt threatened enough to call 911 while voting early. In West Palm Beach she went in to vote and felt so threatened by "Obama's thugs" that she called 911 and left. This is just the beginning.

Racism, latent or otherwise, and how it will affect voters at the polls is a big concern this year. Whether it be public demonstrations, disfranchisement at the polls, or threats between supporters.

However, racism is not the only election day anxiety people are facing. Recently Time Magazine wrote an article about the 7 things that could go wrong on election day: Faulty databases, voting machine issues, and “Mickey Mouse” registrants are only a few of many concerns voters have this year.

Obama and McCain’s campaigns are both amassing lawyers by the hundreds to ensure their candidates’ supporters are protected on election day.

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