Friday, October 9, 2009

WAYLA's First Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be one year to the day since we uploaded our first post at "What Are You Looking At?"

To celebrate, as promised, we're providing a sample platter of some of our and your favorite posts from the past year.

These are our three favorites:

- Why 2008 is as Historic as They Say

- Who Leads Healthier Lives - Democrats or Republicans?

- What's Still to Come in the Evolution of Political TV Ads? (Part 5 of our series "21st Century Campaigning")

And here are some of our readers' favorites that they've been sending in:

- Where is the GOP Going Wrong?

- Actual Racists for Obama

- Communists and Other Marxists (Part 5 of our series "Know Your Third Parties")

- Some Optimism on MLK Day

- The "Can You Find Your Congressperson?" Contest

- The Realities of Strict Campaign Finance Law

- There’s No One as Irish as B├írack O’Bama

- Finally, the post following the revelations of Gov. Mark Sanford's affair: What Sanford Supporters Are Saying

Again, thank you so much for your continued reading! We hope that you stay tuned with WAYLA as we continue to bring you the best political news and analysis for campaign people by campaign people!

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