Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Sanford Supporters Are Saying

A few quotes from the wall on the “Mark Sanford for President 2012” group on Facebook:

“Sorry but I cant be a part of this anymore.”

“…If you can't be trusted by your wife, why should I trust you as president? The libs are gonna eat this up. I am really blown away by this...I really thought he had more integrity than that.”

“Thanks for nothing [expletive]. You screw every principle of the party.”

“Damn you”


“He was out cheating on his wife. Leaving this group now....”

And from multiple fans: “See ya”

A lot of them also say they’re now looking at former Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NV), a libertarian-minded fiscal hawk who’s getting some notoriety from the Ron Paul folks.

Then there was the blogger at who last night could only say “Well, I was wrong about Sanford, that’s for sure. I’ll post more later tonight…I’m going to take some time to clear my mind.”

If anyone still thinks the “Mainstream Media” (or “Drive-By Media” if you’re a Rush Limbaugh fan) is particularly brutal to Republicans, just look at how average folks using “New Media” are reacting.

By the way, don’t forget to participate in our post-Sanford-scandal survey: Who Are You Looking At in 2012!

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