Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How the New Healthcare Law Changes the Dynamics of 2010

Summary: the Democrats’ legislative success means an electoral challenge for Republicans.

President Obama finally signed healthcare reform into law this morning. Soon, millions of uninsured Americans will have access to healthcare, sick Americans will be at lesser risk of losing coverage, and insurance prices will stop skyrocketing.

Over the past year, the healthcare debate has changed the political landscape entirely. It has led to the growth of the Tea Party movement, made members of Congress like Bart Stupak and Joe Wilson household names, and seriously depleted Obama’s approval ratings.

By the end of 2009, we warned that a failure to pass healthcare would mean more trouble than security for the Democratic caucuses in Congress.

Now that it’s passed, the tables have turned. Republicans warn that a “yes” vote on healthcare will mean trouble for Democrats come November, but it is the GOP that needs to start worrying.

They’ve been pursuing a strategy of “no” for the past year. Even now, they’re only suggestion is to repeal the law.

Except most of the legislation is quite popular. Measures that most voters would generally approve will be in place before July, including the end of pre-existing conditions. Young Americans could stay on their parents’ plans until they’re 26, and insurance companies would be unable to drop someone from coverage when they get sick.

One of the demographics most afraid of the overhaul - the elderly - will see huge benefits very soon, such as free preventive care and the closing of the Medicare Part D donut hole.

Republicans won’t actually want to repeal all that, will they?

Democrats, meanwhile, saved themselves a lot of trouble by proving to their base they could accomplish something. Things were looking pretty dismal here and there throughout the debate, and Democrats around the country were becoming less and less confident in Congressional leaders.

They won’t be feeling quite so disaffected come November, knowing that near-universal healthcare was achieved as promised.

Watch the President's remarks here:

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Anonymous said...

I'm a White, 41 year old Father, out of work Welder/Steel Worker- who feels that it's not the GOP that has to worry. I'm a registered Republican who voted for Obama last go 'round. Partially because I wanted to send a "CRYSTAL CLEAR" message to the GOP that I'm not happy with "THE OLD GUARD" and "CRONYISM"! Far too long have they been taking car of each other and patting themselves on the back. I digress... voting for Obama, also because I truly longed for "A CHANGE", something new, and fresh. I also felt I wanted to be a part of History while aiding the CHANGE- voting for the First Ever BLACK PRESIDENT, was a life-altering and somewhat Religious experience. I appreciate and agree with some of what President Obama brought to the table, and some I didn't care. I felt he had done a pretty good job with what he had to work with, and was planning on voting for him until yesterday- Thursday, June 28th, 2012... a day that will live in "INFAMY"! I couldn't stand Romney, and was "NO WAY" planning on voting for the same "OLD GUARD" Republicanism- NO WAY! But then I was awakened from my "Slumber" by a passing of the most ASININELY-Communist rooted Legislative Bill "EVER" to be passed!!! I hate to vote for Romney, but he "TRULY" is the lesser of two Evils.