Thursday, February 4, 2010

Which States Are Most Blue? Which States Are Most Red?

Gallup and Politico have some cool new maps to browse over for those of us watching the political landscape this year.

First, Gallup has a new “State of the States” page in which you can see what states most identify as Republican, Democratic, conservative, moderate, and liberal.

Overall, the Democrats are still more popular in the minds of the voters than Republicans. 49% of those polled identify with the party of Jefferson, while less than 41% identify with the GOP. Conservative is still the most popular ideology at 40%, followed by moderate at about 36%, with liberals in last place with under 21%.

The Top 5 GOP States:

1) Wyoming
2) Utah
3) Idaho
4) Alaska
5) Alabama

The Top 5 Democratic States:

1) Maryland
2) Massachusetts
3) Rhode Island
4) Vermont
5) Illinois

There were only 8 states that identified more with Republicans than Democrats.

Politico also has an interesting page worth checking out in their new 2010 section. In it you can find a map with election results for gubernatorial, senatorial, and House races going back ten years. Additionally, they provide dates for primaries across the country.

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