Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hollywood Does Politics: A New Series

It’s December, and that means the holiday season has officially begun. So we thought we’d do something fun for the blog and bring you our fourth series: Hollywood Does Politics!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you five posts discussing some of the best - and worst - movies and television shows involving campaign politics.

Of course, the movies don’t always give a realistic portrayal of their subject (just ask a scientist about the “science” in any Sci-Fi film) so we’ll tell you what’s real and what’s not. We’ll also discuss the quality of the productions and a variety of other topics.

Our posts will include…

• Campaigns on TV
• Do Political Movies Lean Right or Left?
• The Best Campaign Documentaries
• When Hollywood Gets It Wrong
• The Top 5 Political Campaign Movies

But before that final post, we want to hear what your top 5 political campaign movies are! Email us at and let us know. We’ll see how they line up with ours and we’ll give them the recognition they deserve.

It’s funny to think that only a year ago we started introducing fun and insightful series like “Know Your Third Parties”, “Why Obama Won”, and “21st Century Campaigning” - but we know you’ve enjoyed them and we’re thrilled to keep it up.

We hope you enjoy “Hollywood Does Politics” as well.

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