Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Stories: 8/11/09

Something new we're doing at WAYLA is a morning post that brings you the top headlines from around the best political blogs so you aren't lost and confused trying to find the best news everyday.

The Huffington Post reports on the Town Hall meeting Obama will hold himself, and preparing for possible disruptions.

At FiveThirtyEight.com, Nate Silver makes a late-night post (after 2am - which explains why it was more goofy than usual) explaining the difference between single-payer health care and socialized medicine.

Politico's Scorecard blog reports on Gov. Corzine's (D-NJ) improving, but still poor, poll numbers, as well as a new ad released by the RGA.

And if you missed it last night, you have to see the Jon Stewarts take on the new turns in the healthcare debate:

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