Monday, April 13, 2009

What We’re Changing at WAYLA

We cannot tell you how happy we have been with the success of What Are You Looking At? so far. To make things even better, we will be trying out some new features in the weeks and months ahead.

So what can you expect?

1) As local races draw down this spring, we will begin to focus less on what is happening on the local scene and start looking at more polls and campaign strategy analysis this summer and fall. But don’t worry! We’ll still devote a post per week or (so to) local politics - perhaps more as the local elections in California and New York draw nearer in May, September, and November.

2) We’ll be trying a new layout soon that will not only be more visually appealing, but easier to navigate as well.

3) We’re expecting some new guest bloggers this summer to give you detailed and comprehensive analysis of some less obvious, but seriously important topics affecting American politics and campaigns.

We have also changed our tagline to “A political website for campaign people, by campaign people”. Unless it has an impact on elections or public opinion, we never really dive into policy issues - campaigns are what we know and campaigns are what we want to bring you.

So thank you for your continued reading. Tomorrow we’ll discuss public opinion on gun control policy in light of the recent and horrifying news stories regarding gun violence.

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Zach W. said...

Love the new layout...