Friday, April 24, 2009

The Right Gets Angry

It’s Friday, April 24, 2009. Here’s what we’re looking at:

A string of stories from Politico this morning suggest that the GOP is angrier than ever in the few months since they’ve lost all power.

First, conservative members of the House want to see DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano step down following a memo that warns the government to watch out for "right-wing extremists".

"Singling out political opponents for working against the ruling party is precisely the tactic of every tyrannical government from Red China to Venezuela," said Texas Rep. John Carter, a member of the party's elected leadership who has organized an hour of floor speeches Wednesday night to call for Napolitano's ouster. "The first step in the process is creating unfounded public suspicion of political opponents, followed by arresting and jailing any who continue speaking against the regime."

Next up, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has suggested that the GOP go on strike if any prosecutions are carried out on Bush Administration officials for ties to torture.

King, the outspoken ranking member of the House homeland security committee, said Republicans should "shut down [legislative] activity across the board" if any Bush-era officials are hauled into court.

"We would need to have a scorched-earth policy and use procedural means to bring the place to a halt — go to war".

And finally, a new resolution sits before the Republican National Committee. This is how it the end of it reads:

RESOLVED, that we the members of the Republican National Committee call on the Democratic Party to be truthful and honest with the American people by acknowledging that they have evolved from a party of tax and spend to a party of tax and nationalize and, therefore, should agree to rename themselves the Democrat Socialist Party.

Apparently in an email to his fellow committee members, James Bopp Jr. said "Just as President Reagan’s identification of the Soviet Union as the 'evil empire' galvanized opposition to communism, we hope that the accurate depiction of the Democrats as a Socialist Party will galvanize opposition to their march to socialism."

That's not a joke, by the way.

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