Friday, January 9, 2009

Dean Group Appeals to Democrats to Continue Dean Strategies

Recently the political action organization Democracy for America (DFA) sent two emails to supporters asking them to petition the next DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and ask the current Virginia Governor to reinstate the famous 50-State-Strategy.

The brainchild of outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, the 50-State-Strategy has been hailed by supporters and even former critics for establishing volunteer networks, donor bases, and other party infrastructure that was crucial to the 2008 Democratic victories across the country.

As we have written before, Dean has said he will appeal to his successor to continue many of the strategies he has implemented for the Democratic Party. Little did we realize he would use DFA - which he founded in 2004 - to advance his agenda through a public campaign.

Dean's brother Jim - who currently serves as Chairman of DFA - sent this message to the email list Wednesday night:

"The 50 State Strategy will go down as one of the most successful long-term programs the Democratic National Committee has ever implemented. Not just for Barack but for candidates up and down the ballot all across the country. But while there has been a lot of talk about keeping it alive, all of the original DNC 50 State Strategy organizers have been let go.

"With special elections, local mayor and city council races all coming up soon, this is one decision that can't wait any longer. Call on Tim Kaine to immediately renew the 50 State Strategy and we'll make sure he gets the message."

After Kaine accepted Barack Obama's nomination for DNC Chair the next morning, DFA sent the following message last night to follow up:

"It's official. Earlier today, Barack Obama personally announced Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as the next chair of the Democratic National Committee…

"…The 50 State Strategy got lip service. They both had many nice words to say about Gov. Dean's DNC leadership and vision. They also credited Howard with creating a 50 State Strategy that delivered historic Democratic gains during his term. But praise is not action. And when Gov. Kaine laid out his top three goals for a new DNC, the 50 State Strategy was not included."

Again they called for supporters to petition Gov. Kaine.

As we have said before, the 50-State-Strategy has been a major factor in Democratic success stories in recent years, and Dean does deserve credit for insisting it be executed.

More relevant to what we see today - however - is how Dean will continue to be a major force within the Democratic Party, and will use whatever means available to him to continue his vision for a successful party.

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