Sunday, November 16, 2008

Know Your Third Parties – A Series

Now that the 2008 Elections are over and the news media is winding down their political coverage, we felt it was a good opportunity to take an in-depth look at the seldom talked about political forces of the United States.

The first that comes to mind are America's Third Parties. There are a countless number of them, and sadly we will be unable to cover them all. But we will take a look at the most prominent and most interesting.

Among the topics we will cover for each is membership, history, viewpoints, and number of elected officials.

Unfortunately, we will limit the discussion to current Third Parties only, meaning we will not be able to cover the short-lived Unity08 or the hilarious Natural Law Party. We will also decline from covering independent candidates such as Ralph Nader.

The prominent Third Parties we'll look at include the "Big Three" (Green, Libertarian, and Constitution) as well as the Reform and Independence Parties.

Other interesting parties will include the American Nazi Party, the Prohibition Party, as well as the many socialist and communist parties.

We will devote a day to each party we cover. We hope you will find this series to be an informative and humorous exploration into some of America's smaller, more obscure, and often more absurd political organizations.

Coming tomorrow – the Green Party.

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