Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lightening Up the 2008 Elections

In 2004 the Presidential race between John Kerry and George W. Bush was suddenly more light-hearted when the relatively unknown folks at Jib-Jab produced this internet sensation.

After it was released, Jib-Jab had to shut down their server temporarily because of the massive number of people viewing this video.

In 2008 the demand for political humor is just as high. The Daily Show and the Colbert Report offer nightly highlights of the Presidential race while Saturday Night Live is becoming popular again.

The internet has once again provided Americans with the humor to get through this long election cycle. Take this You Tube video released before the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

And just like the Rocky movie, there had to be a sequel.

But the most successful video has come from SNL. This skit, following the selection of Sarah Palin, has been watched more online than it was on television.

Now here is a new one, featuring an impressive Obama-McCain Dance Off.

Who still thinks young people are not interested in politics?

Some might argue these videos trivialize the democratic process, but it is more likely that they strengthen it. As Americans become weary of the drama surrounding the presidential race, comic relief helps people avoid complete political cynicism.

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